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It Proposes to finalize its own activity in developing of art and contemporary architecture beyond any ideology, political affiliation, religious beliefs and employs its own intellectual, professional and human resources in improving ethic and society.

Its main fields of activities are:

- sustain experimentation in artistic and architectural design, favouring the ones which take part in informing on contemporary design idea and encourage those attitudes aimed to research, avant-garde, “iperimpositions” and cross-cultural interaction between the various traditional artistic disciplines and new video-digital media regarding the development of local identities.

- promote and spread by any means and at any level even by internationalization of initiatives literal, musical, theatrical, TV, radio, pictorial, multimedia works and graphic projects related to art, architecture and contemporary design.

- organize event related to architecture, art and design culture through the provision of services as exhibitions, conferences, seminar, conventions, meeting, courses, presentations, stage.

- collaborate in cultural education of students and academics to coordinate and develop research works (design workshop, competitions) with organizations, associations individuals, international organization and associations on issues in line with its philosophy.