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"Sardinia is something else: enchanted spaces and distances to travel, nothing finished, nothing definitive. It is like freedom itself" (David Herbert Lawrence, Sea and Sardinia, 1921).
Sardinia's stand project for B.I.T. 2009 at Milan Rho-Pero fair, an institutional area of 2.200 square meter consider the "circle" as an object of the rapresentation. The appearence of the circular artefact points out and exposes the activities and the territory of Sardinia. The space of the exhibition is thought to keep and protect and at the same time to drive contents, objects and activities outside the island. The circle-fence keeps safe and shows Sardinia through an ancestral sign, a contemporary nuragic village, still able to join past and future in a overlaying of sense. In the staged space, the Sardinia context, guested and represented by big suspended circles, offers to visitors a whole cognitive experience, during where is possible to "inhabit" a frame of life and tradition. The island's experience isn't lived through an exposition of objects and materials, but through an whole architectonic space that have both a scenographic and a representative role, but most of all a cognitive role: the knowledge and the examination become the building elements of the institutional space"

Massimo Garriboldi

Barberini Allestimenti

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