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Sardinia and Cagliari, places of transformation and in transformation, offer themselves as and ideal scenery for the exposition of an event that wants to be a lab, a workshop, a forge of proposals, power towards the future and contact to the recent or ancestral past.
In this sense, it is not accidental that the fulcrum of the Festival is the Manifattura Tabacchi, urban and industrial archeology and symbolic place of an active and "productive" point of view towards the culture, ideal lab for the "Creativity Factory". The theme chosen for the new edition is the "planetary tourism", from the individuality of the big travellers to the mass tourism, from explorations to migrations. The landscape and its mutations, and especially the man will be the protagonists.
The message that came from Sardinia is that the temporary nature is becoming one of the characteristics not only of the free time, but also of the urban living and working. Working (living) temporarily in a landscape of excellence is in fact one of the privileges owned by who live in the contemporary world.
The theme is declared in four moments: seeing, remembering, greeting, defending.

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